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We are excited to tell you that we have just launched something very unique for startup scene! VTT LaunchPad is a brand-new incubator to create game-changing startup companies with strong scientific and commercial foundation.

Today, we have already a great number of game-changing companies who have spanned off from VTT. Come and meet our VTT LaunchPad team and the previous VTT spin-off companies sharing their growth stories at VTT VIP Booth 7A.11. in Slush! We are now focusing even more on the new emerging stars - are you the next one?

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Why Join?

VTT is at the sweet spot where innovation and business come together. Our mission aims to make it easier for founders to connect with resources, backed up with funding instruments, research and development tools – beyond the obvious.

Our passion is to help great ideas to grow. Ready to see the great benefits yourself?

Come and meet us at our stand 7A.11. in #Slush2018!

Growth on a global scale

VTT drives growth for both Finnish and global companies


We go beyond the obvious to help the society and companies to grow through technological innovations

Sustainable development

We drive sustainable growth and generate well-being by tackling the biggest global challenges of our time

This is the wall of fame! – “I Was the Previous One”

Today, we have a number of game-changing companies among our alumni, including Solar Foods, Spinnova, Minima Proseccor and many more, who have spanned off from VTT. For some, we have also provided early-stage funding. 

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur or do you own a startup? Visit our stand 7A.11. at Slush 2018 to meet some of the amazing organizations that we’ve been giving a helping hand, and hear them sharing their growth stories. This could be a valuable resource for you to help build your business.

Several successful journeys are about to begin right now. These were the previous ones. Are you the next one?

Case: Solar Foods

Solar Foods is unlocking natural protein from mother nature by producing an entirely new kind of sustainable protein using CO2 from air and electricity. This will revolutionize food production as Solar Foods’ production is not dependent on agriculture, the weather, or climate. The Solar Food protein production is cost-competitive. At the moment the company is starting up its pilot plant that will produce 1 kilogram per day.

Janne Poranen

CEO and Founder

Case: Spinnova

Spinnova is a Finnish, sustainable fibre company that develops ecological breakthrough technology for manufacturing cellulose-based textile fibre. Spinnova’s patented technology includes 0% harmful chemicals and 0% waste or side streams, making the fibre and the production method the most sustainable in the world. Spinnova’s objective is to globally commercialize the fibre products in collaboration with major textile brands.

Ali Harlin


Case: Infinited Fiber

Infinited Fiber has created a miracle: a technology that allows textile waste to be used again and again, preserving 100% quality. The company is not simply recycling, it is regenerating new fiber. Even better than cotton cost efficiently. VTT has helped us and can help you to solve your innovation challenges. With all the required expertise, modeling and piloting capability under one roof, VTT delivers optimal solutions, from initial development to end product.

Tuomas Mustonen

CEO and Co-Founder

Case: Paptic

Paptic is a Finnish start-up which produces a unique, novel material, PAPTIC®, which consists of renewable and biodegradable raw materials. The main raw material is wood fibre which comes from sustainably managed and certified forests. It is a completely new material category combining the properties of paper, plastics and textiles. Through this material innovation significant amounts of plastic can be replaced in numerous flexible packaging applications, such as carrier bags, e-commerce mailing bags and pouches.

Jarkko Antila

CEO and Co-Founder

Case: Spectral Engines

Spectral Engines develops and produces ground breaking smart material sensing technology, which can measure the very make-up of materials. Our solution will improve industrial processes, enable advanced pocket-size analyzers and provide material sensing for consumer applications. The team and technology platforms enable new measurement applications and business opportunities. Spectral Engines’ novel technology originates from years of research done at VTT, now developed to a full industrial-grade sensor.

Case: FocalSpec

FocalSpec is the world leading manufacturer of Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) sensors, and it was founded in 2009 as a corporate spin-off from VTT. The FocalSpec 3D optical sensors are specifically designed to meet the needs of system integrators in the consumer electronics industry.The combination of fast and accurate 3D topography, tomography and 2D grayscale intensity imaging is superior to other sensor technologies.

Toni Soini

CEO and Founder

Case: Minima Processor

Minima’s technology enables processors for ultra-low power operation. We can achieve 15 times better energy efficiency in digital computing. Minima Dynamic Margining IP can be implement any processor architecture and digital pipelined logic.

Are you the next one?

Ready to see the great benefits yourself? Come and join us at our stand 7A.11. in Slush 2018 to meet the previous VTT spin-off companies and discuss their fascinating growth stories at VTT VIP Booth!

VTT at Slush

We are really excited to invite you to our VTT VIP Booth to hear fascinating growth stories from the previous spin-off companies and to meet VTT LaunchPad team. Our booth is located by Evergreen Stage.

Come and meet us at our stand 7A.11. in #Slush2018!

Tuesday Dec 4th

9.00- 12.00

Peppi Härme (VTTLaunchPad)
Pasi Vainikka & Juha-Pekka Pitkänen (SolarFoods)
Leena Rantasalo (VTT)


Sanna Tuominen (VTT LaunchPad)
Jarkko Antila (SpectralEngines)
Jenni Santalo (VTT)


Sanna Tuominen (VTT LaunchPad)
Toni Soini (Minima Processor)
Hanna Holm (VTT) (edited)

Wednesday Dec 5th


Lauri Reuter (VTT LaunchPad)
Ali Harlin (Infinited Fiber)
Harri Leinonen (Focal Spec)
Taru Satuli (VTT)


Lauri Reuter & Katri Kallio (VTT LaunchPad)
Tuomas Mustonen (Paptic)
Kaisa Melin (VTT)


Lauri Reuter (VTT LaunchPad)
Janne Poranen (Spinnova)
Anne Laurinantti (VTT)

About VTT

VTT is a visionary research, development and innovation partner. We drive sustainable growth and tackle the biggest global challenges of our time and turn them into growth opportunities. We go beyond the obvious to help the society and companies to grow through technological innovations.

The thing that fuels this success is the amazing organizations and people who align and support the mission to build businesses. We work tirelessly in guiding and supporting startup teams to success, regardless of their stage of business, as well as continue to encourage innovation, research and development.

VTT is at the sweet spot where innovation and business come together. Could we be the next one together? VTT – Beyond the Obvious

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